Twitter bashing way too premature


When Google+ launched last month we could all see the Facebook bashing coming from a mile away.

Afterall, Google+ pretty much has the potential to do everything Facebook can do, and it’s newer and sleeker, whereas Facebook has been a bit complacent and slow in addressing what its users want.

What I didn’t expect was the sudden twitter bashing. In case you’ve forgotten, and some people have, up until a few weeks ago Twitter was the relatively cool and progressive social network.

Since then, Twitter has been labeled “silly” and “boring.”

The Facebook trash talk was predictable and immediate.

Some say Google+ poses more of a challenge to Twitter

than it does Facebook.

While all of those folks are much more seasoned in the world of social media than myself, I just don’t see it.

Yes, Twitter is simple and a bit archaic-looking when you match it up with the shiny object that is Google+, but Google+ hasn’t shown me much potential toward being able to do what Twitter does.

I’ve had several friends join Google+ and immediately ask me how do they search for the local news, such as using the hashtags on Twitter. The answer: You don’t.

Nor can they see what’s trending about Iran or the riots in Vancouver, for example.

The bottom line is Twitter remains the best place to break news and find out about breaking news both locally and internationally. Google+ seems all but destined to follow in Facebook’s footsteps and become a great place to discuss and analyze the news.

I think some of the confusion stems from the fact that most people who have seized on Google+ are the same people who seized on Twitter (most of the people in my circles I know from Twitter) and they will seize upon any other new social network that comes their way (myself included.) That doesn’t, however, mean those people are abandoning Twitter.

It’s still unclear where Google+ will find its niche, but I don’t see it taking Twitter’s spot (not until they address those issues, anyway.)

True story: When Twitter went down for a couple of hours the other day (which doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to) my Google+ feed was full of people pining for Twitter’s return.

It’s not dead yet.

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8 Responses to “Twitter bashing way too premature”

  1. Bravo, Andy. Twitter is very much alive and will remain so, IMO. It is unique. There are far more similarities, and therefore comparisons to be made, between Google+ and Facebook, as you point out. Google is great, but it doesn’t replace Twitter by a long shot. Someone I follow on Google+ posted that “If you heard it on Twitter, it’s no longer breaking.” I challenged her comment and asked her to tell me who delivers news faster. The silence on that question is deafening. And frankly, if someone’s bored there, that’s their own fault.

    • Thank you, Liz. And thanks again for being so supportive of my little venture. We need to get a cup of coffee some day and talk about social media.

      • I would love to, Andy. I fact, I was going to suggest the same thing! Let me know some days and times you are available.

  2. Simply put, each has their own use and it is really difficult to try and compare them because of this. I was very skeptic about Twitter when I first heard about it. I really thought, “Do I really care what you are doing right at this second?” Little did I realize it’s true potential. It has now become my primary news source for local news. Google+ still seems quite awkward to me, but I can easily see it as a better version of Facebook…. of course… this will take time.

    • That’s pretty much my take, Chad. Twitter is not perfect and Google+ is pretty cool but I just don’t see the rush to anoint anything. It reminds me of middle school when all the cool kids are wearing parachute pants so you beg your mom to buy you a pair and when she finally does you show up to school and everyone else is wearing tapered jeans and they’re all like “Tapered jeans are awesome. Parachute pants are silly and boring.” Of course, they were silly, but still … I had a point in there somewhere :)

  3. 7 Stephen Beard

    I think the two platforms can play nice with each other. I’ve had some amazing experiences with Twitter as a newsgathering tool. On several occasions, I’ve used Twitter to find eyewitnesses at news scenes long before we could get reporters inside.

    • Twitter has been a huge help to me, too, Stephen. I agree they can complement each other, much like Facebook has with Twitter, maybe even moreso. I just don’t see Twitter going anywhere any time soon.

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